What we do

Cephas Foundation values underpin everything we do:

  • Think Global
  • Seek High Impact
  • Be Strategic
  • Pursue Multiplication
  • Offer Hand up not Hand out

We carefully select organisations that align with our values and seek projects that will make the biggest positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Grants are generally made through identifying individuals and entities we wish to partner with, but the Cephas Foundation is open to building new relationships and exploring new avenues of grant-making.

Areas of Grant-making



Advocacy and practical care for the disadvantaged who need support in their immediate situation. Increasingly, this is with single or no-parent families


Training a new generation of Christian leaders through the Cephas Foundation Scholarship.


Supporting parachurch organisations with a wider social welfare mission.


Helping children and young people live healthy lives and develop strong personal values, with a focus on wellbeing and achieving potential.